What dresses look good on plus size

plus size

A woman, regardless of age and physique, wants to look fashionable and attractive, to catch the admiring glances of men. More recently, the choice of clothing for women with XL + parameters was a problem: typical clothes were made baggy, were completely devoid of “flavor” to show themselves in a good light. Fortunately, in the 21st century the situation has radically changed: today dresses of large sizes are beautiful and sophisticated products, which are distinguished by an original cut and relevant design. They are able to emphasize the femininity of the lady, help her to feel more confident, create successful images appropriate for any occasion. The main thing is to choose a suitable cut, so that the imperfections of the figure are not conspicuous.

Features of products

Dress – a universal women’s clothing, well chosen by the figure it transforms even ladies with a pronounced fullness. You can wear such outfits at home, in the office, on a country walk. Strict variants are suitable for work, festive ones for public events. The dress has many advantages:

Better corrects the figure than pants, especially if a woman has full hips.

Comfortable, practical, it is easy to remove and put on.

Presented in a variety of styles in different price ranges, from economy-class products to elite clothing of the most famous brands.

All-season – you can wear it all year round.

Experts recommend full ladies to choose products made of natural fabrics. Synthetics looks good, but it stimulates increased sweating and can cause allergic reactions. The same can be said about wool. Recommended materials for sewing battle-sized dresses – linen, cotton, viscose.

Popular models depending on the destination

The style of the product largely depends on its purpose – festive or everyday, for work or a country walk. For every day it is recommended to choose models with clear geometric forms and a flowing silhouette, visually elongating the female figure vertically, drawing attention away from the disadvantages of appearance.

For full ladies suitable clothing made of well-stretched materials – in this case, large size visually look smaller. Should choose a dress for the figure, with a simple laconic silhouette. Instead of tight models, it is better to give preference to close-fitting. It is desirable to avoid layering, to completely refuse shapeless hoodies.

The main features of everyday models for shapely women:

  • medium length (or maxi);
  • skirt wider at the bottom or straight;
  • Thick fabric structure.

Festive options for ladies of age should preferably be chosen with long sleeves, to draw attention away from the full arms. It is recommended to avoid a large number of ruffles and ruches. Young puffy beauties are well suited models with pleats, draperies, reminiscent of ancient tunics. There are many appropriate styles of holiday and casual outfits for full women. They look good on fashionable women of any age. Modern fashion designers recommend the following dress styles:

  • For every day – a straight cut with a V-neck;
  • For date – tunic in antique style with pleats in the belly;
  • For club – flared baby-doll style dress of dark fabric;
  • For the office – tight-fitting attire with three-quarter sleeves decorated with floral prints;
  • For a festive event – dresses for women in silk with a narrowed waist and flowing silhouette.

The flared skirt suits almost everyone, regardless of age and height. The asymmetric cut, on the contrary, looks good on girls, but can look ridiculous on ladies of age.

Choice of style and length taking into account the type of shape

It is necessary to choose models that correct disproportions, distracting attention from problem areas. To look slim, you need to:

  • Hide the belly, for this you should abandon the length of the mini, narrow straight skirts, giving preference to flared models midi and maxi.
  • Visually narrow the figure with vertically oriented ornaments, deep necklines, which is especially important for women with large breasts.
  • Divert attention from large hips by refusing from thin belts and belts.
  • Accentuate a lush bust by decorating the top of the dress with a bright accessory.

Obese women can be divided into two types: pear (with a large bust and wide hips) or apple (prominent belly). In the first case, the ideal style is a floor-length dress. In the second – a midi or maxi length will do well.

The most popular models for all types of figure:

  • with an inflated waist;
  • with a flared skirt;
  • with three-quarter length sleeves;
  • asymmetric cut, which became fashionable not so long ago.

Contraindicated models of mini, any short dresses with a low landing. Dynamic puffy girls perfectly suit shortened things of asymmetric cut of bright, saturated colors, but with full calves it is better to refuse this option.

Sophisticated options midi, maxi are recommended for elegant puffy ladies. Suitable for the holiday – evening dresses to the floor (not too narrow), as well as the so-called cases. The recommended colors are purple, dark blue and green. When choosing, you should consider not only the age, but also the hairstyle and related accessories. In addition, the outfit should not cramp the movements, so that the fashionista does not feel constrained.

Materials and finishes

A great popularity in sewing outfits for the obese use fabrics such as cambric (clothes for every day, spring and summer models) and silk (festive outfits). The main advantages of the first material – the non-crumpling, spectacular appearance. However, cambric is difficult to wash, the clothes quickly wear out. The same characteristics have linen. The main advantage of silk is that it can be used to create a flowing silhouette, drawing attention away from the imperfections of the figure. But this fabric is highly electrifying and quite difficult to cut at home.

Batiste, linen, as well as gauze dresses are suitable for summer outfits. For demi-seasonal items cloak and denim fabrics are optimal, for winter – wool and half-wool. For evening outfits you can choose moire, crepe de Chine, and they are often used for New Year dresses.

The most suitable variants of d├ęcor are pleats and draperies. Effectively would look any horizontally oriented pattern or a pattern in a small square. It is desirable to avoid flounces, large prints. Plisse and beautiful ruffles will look appropriate only on the youngest puffy fashionistas, and they do not suit everyone.

plus size

The choice of color

Designers recommend choosing a color scheme of a large-sized dress, contributing to the visual narrowing and stretching of the figure. Long gone are the days when ladies with opulent forms wore only black and gray suits. In addition to these traditionally popular and suitable for any situation shades, shapely girls choose the following colors:

  • purple;
  • bordeaux;
  • blue;
  • emerald green;
  • all variations of red;
  • blue, navy blue, indigo, cobalt.

Contrary to popular misconception, white and soft pastels do not make you look fat. On the contrary, they perfectly cope with the task to make a fashionista slimmer. The main thing is to choose the right cut, emphasizing the advantages of the silhouette, hiding obvious flaws.

Of great importance is the correct selection of details. To look slimmer, it is desirable to abandon the horizontally oriented ornaments. Instead, it is recommended to actively use:

  • ornaments of elongated shape;
  • bags with a pronounced vertical orientation;
  • inserts on the sides of the dress;
  • longitudinal patterns and decorations.

Models with floral or geometric prints on the sides (recommended for those who have problems with hips) or on the hem (suitable for ladies of small height) look effectively. For every day should choose saturated dark shades, for walks – pastel and pearl gray tones. For solemn occasions the ideal choice is a product of noble burgundy color.

In order that the selected tone of the designer dress of large size really slim, it must match the color type of the owner of the outfit. Ladies of a winter type (pale skin and dark hair) go well with blue and burgundy, and brown colors, on the contrary, can visually age. Summer women (slightly swarthy skin, brown hair) are better to choose pastel colors. For those with pale skin, gray eyes and copper-red hair, a dark green women’s oversized silk or velvet dress with a flowing silhouette is ideal.