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What dresses look good on plus size

A woman, regardless of age and physique, wants to look fashionable and attractive, to catch the admiring glances of men. More recently, the choice of clothing for women with XL + parameters was a problem: typical clothes were made baggy, were completely devoid of “flavor” to show themselves in a good light. Fortunately, in the 21st century the situation has radically changed: today dresses of large sizes are beautiful and sophisticated products, which are distinguished by an original cut and relevant design. They are able to emphasize the femininity of the lady, help her to feel more confident, create successful images appropriate for any occasion. The main thing is to choose a suitable cut, so that the imperfections of the figure are not conspicuous. read more

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What color are cocktail dresses

What color are cocktail dresses

Cocktail dress appeared in the 1920s, when Prohibition was introduced in America, and luxurious receptions were replaced by cocktail parties where energetic dances were performed. The short sleeveless dress didn’t restrict movement, but looked festive at the same time. It was brought into fashion by the legendary Coco Chanel, and in 2023 cocktail dresses are still in fashion. read more

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The Most Beautiful Pink And Grey Nail Designs

Ladies find it difficult to create a perfect look. A harmonic look has to contain fine clothing, hairstyle and nails designs. If one element is not that good, you will never look perfect.

Nails design is crucial for every lady. Accurate fingers show the neatness of the lady. If you would like to look perfect and chic, make sure to choose one of beautiful and trendy manicure patterns. You can try classic and modern designs. Fashionable ladies can choose some pink and grey nail designs.

Patterns to Consider

There are many nail designs you can try. You can find your perfect pattern, if you try several ones and check whether you actually like them or not. The most important is to experiment with color. Tones combinations will help to shape the way nails look.

A good idea is to combine several colors. If you choose pink and grey, you will get a fine elegant design. These two colors look harmoniously. Here are some pink and grey nail designs:

  • Design with grey tips. If you want to create a feminine image, you should underline beauty of nails tips. Color them in a different tone. You can choose pink basis. The tips can be colored in grey, for example. Such tone will help to create a modern design.
  • Rosy figures on dark basis. Pink color becomes very visible if it is put on dark background. Choose some objects you wish to depict on your fingers. You can draw them in pink. On dark basis, such objects will look beautiful. It is important to choose objects correctly. Think of some things you like. If you like them in life, you’ll like them on your fingers.
  • Mathematical equations. You can depict several mathematical signs on a nail. Such a complex theme will look splendid. There is no need to make sure such an equation is correct from mathematical point of view. You can draw signs with grey tone.
  • Sceneries. There is no better image than a scenery of nature. You can think of a favorite natural phenomenon. If you ask a professional to depict it, you will get it on your fingers. You will enjoy looking on your hands even more.

These are interesting designs. The more creative ideas you try, the more fascinating your looks will be. You should always like what is depicted on your nails.

If you visit a celebration and want to wear an everyday design, do so. If you put some glitter on nails you will get a perfect evening manicure. Try to choose glitter tone that will match your clothing. It is necessary that tones match.

Before you choose a design you should understand what shape of nails you like. The form will define the way your creative pattern will look like. There are some designs that look better on square nails. Others are better on nails with round form.

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How to Pick Prom Dresses for Dark Skin Tone

Have you ever noticed what colors dark-skinned celebrities pick when they have a red carpet event? Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Kerry Washington, and Winnie Harlow always have a fantastic look not only because of the perfectly done hairstyle and makeup but also because of the properly chosen outfit. And the color of the dress is of crucial importance.

The fact that you love a certain color doesn’t always mean that the color loves you. It is very important to find out, which color is better for you when talking about big events specifically. A prom party is an event when we take a lot of photographs and want to look as good as a princess from a fairy tale on each of those photographs.

Of course, you’re not obliged to pick a prom dress depending on the color of your skin only. But if you’re interested which shades are going to enhance your beauty even more, keep reading. We have the answers.

Dresses and Colors: Recommendations on Prom Dresses for Dark Skin

If your skin is more of a warm side, go for peach, coral, and red. For example, Beyonce has a warm skin tone. Check her red-colored outfits at Grammys and MTV Music Video Awards to see what we’re talking about.

If your skin is more of a cool side, go for the palette of the sea – purple and blue. In case you want a more neutral tone, go for any color you want, depending on your facial features.

And now, let’s have a look at some ideas of what you can wear to a prom party.

  • For the darker skin, pick dresses in bright red or completely neutral tones. Lighter shades perfectly work on a darker skin. You can go for ivory or sand color. Bright colors can also work on a dark skin tone if chosen correctly. Since it is a prom party, but not a red carpet event, it is better to pick lighter shades for a more romantic and sophisticated look.

  • A white dress can also work with a dark skin tone absolutely great if the dress is chosen properly. With the white color, you risk looking like a bride if choosing a wedding-style dress. So, if it is a white dress for a prom, pick something complicated – a dress, which has more decorative elements than usual. Get inspired by Kerry Washington’s look at SAG Awards in 2017.
  • If you choose red color, go for an elegant one shoulder model or for a beaded one, which is even fancier. You can pick a gown similar to what Winnie Harlow wore at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017. Her dress was a combination of interesting elements.

It is not hard to pick a dress to a prom party if you know what you’re looking for. So, get inspired and start looking for your own perfect dress for a promenade dance.

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The Most Impressive Nude Nail Polish Designs For Dark Skin

Nails design is a compulsory feature of an ideal look. If a lady does not wear an appropriate manicure, there’s no way she looks stylish. If you want to form a personal style, think of manicure ideas that will suit you.

Choosing a color in nails design is a key. A tone has to harmonize with skin color. Depending on the tone you choose, you make your hands looking differently. If you have a dark type of skin, choose nude nail polish for dark skin.

Ideas To Follow

One of the main differences between the colors happens because of glittering parts. The more shinging parts a polish contains, the more shimmering a design will be. Such style does not suit all ladies. If you are not a young girl, you should not choose such an option.

More interesting types of colors are nude colors. They do not contains glitter at all. That is why they also perfectly suit dark type of skin. They help to create perfect looks. Here are some nude nail polish designs for dark skin:

  • One tone only. Nude colors look very memorable by themself. If you like natural looks, there is no need to mix such colors. You should put one or several layers of one color. You will see, that such a manicure will suit every type of clothing. It can be worn for a walk or for a business meeting.
  • Nails with colorfuls tips. It is a nice design idea. It will look splendid on hands of ladies who are fashionable. You can combine two tones for such a pattern. One color will serve as the basis. One more tone will cover tips of nails.
  • Transparent design with geometrical figures. Nude colors are perfect to draw objects. If you like geometry, choose some geometrical figures. You can draw such objects on transparent nails. Such a pattern will look memorable. You will like to wear it.
  • Nude designs with accessories. It is an excellent idea to put glitter on nude tone. It will make nails look more sophisticated. You can wear such a manicure for any important event. The more glitter you put, the more sparkling the design will be. You can wear such design if you are dressed up in evening dress.

These are some of the interesting nail ideas. If you like one of those, try it. You can also add some elements. If you have a favorite color, you should add it to a design. This will make pattern more stylish.

Search for your favorite design. Try unusual ideas. It will make your look more impressive.

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The Most Memorable Sew In With Braids On The Side Hairstyle

A hair design a lady chooses will determine how her final style will look like. If you would like to get a fine image, make sure to carefully think about details. There are many hair patterns you can choose from.

One of the best options is to choose plaits design. There are many fine plaits patterns. Each one is different. Think of impressive sew in with braids on the side.

Designs To Choose From

A braid is a key hairstyle element for women of all ages. Every lady has a chance to experiment with plaits designs. There is a possibility to choose among a variety of types. It is possible to experiment with parting and embellishment.

It takes time to design a unique hairdo. If you have patience for it, you will then get a luxurious style. A braid can be worn with different clothing. You can wear it with jeans or with an evening dress. Here are some interesting sew in with braids on the side options:

  • Circle pattern. It is a good idea to visually construct a circle of plaits. You will discover that such a pattern looks impressive. The only minus a lady won’t be able to do it by herself. A woman should visit a professionals to get one. If hair is very thick, such a design will look even better.
  • French pattern. French plaits design is one of the most memorable. They look splendid. You can intertwine such plaits on head. This design will be perfect to wear for every type of celebration. You can also curl two strands on both sides of head. This will make a bangs effect.
  • Zig zag pattern. You can experiment as much as possible with hair patterns. Young women often choose zig zag design. Such a pattern looks innovative. It can be combined with contemporary clothing.
  • Plaits’ tips in color. A good idea is to color tips of your plaits. This will diversify your look. Choose some extraordinary tone. Pink, blue or orange are popular. You can also try this. If you find such a coloring too expressive, buy a one day tone. You can enjoy it shortly and come back to regular style.

These are fine hairdos with plaits. You can try one of those. You’ll enjoy the way your hair will look.


Intertwining plaits is not all you can do. The next step is to experiment with embellishment. Make sure to choose a fine decoration for your hair. It has to harmonise with your clothing.

When you observe different accessories, take into account its shape, texture and material. All these micro details matter. Accessories can shape a lot the way you look.

If you choose decoration for a special event make sure to get unique things. You should learn what types of accessories are worn in different countries. Then you can look at the shops for the same designs. The more extraordinary such things are, the better.

A possibility to get a unique hair design can be fulfilled if you think about all details. The more harmonic a hairdo will be, the more beautiful you’ll look too. So, make what you can.